Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tokyo Disney/fun weekends

So, sorry everyone that I have not updated in a while!!!!! Things have been pretty much the same for the past couple of weeks. I go to school, then study, then go hang with my friends. Thankfully my friends are in the same apartments building so I don't have to go far or my friends come to my apartment building because it is just so popular. =)

I went to TOKYO DISNEY!!! Which was a ton of fun and was even better because we went on Halloween day. It is pretty much exactly like the one in California. It was still very Japanese though, women dressed in provocative disney princess dresses every where! I went some great friends too.

The pictures below has some of my friends Jacob, Dajung, Haruka, and Eri. All are great and really cool to chill with (I wanted to add some slang).

One of my favorite places to go is Yokohama!!! It is so cool and it is also where I have been going to church. The church has been really fun and really good. They are a great group of people who love Jesus. It is very very refreshing to be around. Japan is so unspiritual, it's a very strange environment to be in but so awesome at the same time. I have been going to two different Bible studies too! One at a friends house closer to downtown Tokyo, and one on campus. The one on campus is ok but it is in Japanese so I don't usually have any idea what they are saying but remains to be good listening practice. The one farther away is in English. It is run by some amazing people too. Most of the people who go are from different parts of the world. India, Malaise, China, Japan, Korea, America, and maybe a couple others. It is awesome! My friend Dajung and I have been going to those each weekend. We always have a ton of fun going to them. Traveling anywhere in Japan is an adventure.

I am trying my best to stay a second year right now. I should be able to do it with the help of my parents, who are awesome! I love them both and appreciate how much support I have gotten from them. My whole family actually has been really supportive, and I love them so much for it. The dollar is not doing great but I will pray that God will help me stay here!!! I really want to... I love my friends and lifestyle. I do wish to see my family and friends from back home though. That is why I regularly tell them they should come out here. =)

Just to put any questions about me having a girlfriend down, for sure, I do not have a girlfriend haha. Didn't really ever have a girlfriend. We went on maybe two dates and then decided to just be friends, and that was back in September. So haha no, i do not have one. =) I know that is disappointment for some, because some want me to marry an amazing asian cook. (Stephaine, Stacy, Megan...) Well she could not cook, so there. My hunt for the perfect cook is still on hahahaha.

Studying has gone really well!!! I got really good scores on my midterms for Japanese. 95% on my vocab and grammar, 100% on my Kanji, and have not received my scores for the oral test, but I know it went well. My Modern History midterm is today and a little bit nervous about it. I have to write two 2 page essays in class as well as do 15 short essays on specific people!!!!

Well there ya'll have it for now!! If anything else new that comes up I will tell you!!! I miss ya'll and want you to that I am available to call at this number if you can afford it haha. 080-3202-8405. I am also available if you want to send me a Christmas present!!!!!

My address is:

111 riverside court 600 Negishi-cho, Machida city, Tokyo 194-0034 Japan

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Things can't stay the same...

So i went to a really cool bible study this last Saturday, it was really needed too. A friend from IHOP invited me and my new good friend Dajung! She is a cool girl from Seoul, Korea. The people at the bible study then invited us to a church on Sunday, which turned out to be really cool too! There are many Hawaiians there because the church was first founded in Hawaii. The pastor is Japanese though. Dajung and I will keep going to the Saturday night bible study but will be visiting another church this Sunday!

Japan is really expensive so i have been trying to eat less and not travel as of right now. But don't worry family! I am trying to get some nutrition in by belly. So far that has consisted of noodles, rice, meat, and cookies for all three meals of the day. I might squeeze in a apple or two... The food here is really good though. I have not had one bad meal yet. I love all the fish, sushi, rice, noodles, and such. I hopefully will try to cook something from a Japanese cook book my Grandma gave me before I left. I made friends with some amazing Koreans who have been cooking for me too. I have also been trying to look hungry in front of other girls and have had a couple of offers for them to cook for me!!!! I remember each and every girl who has said that and will be cashing those in soon...

Japanese classes are still going well and am learning a lot!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Japanese is hard but really fun!

So far my classes have been amazing! I really like all of them and am looking froward to seeing how much I learn. There are many levels we get placed in based on how well we know Japanese. 1-6 levels. 6 being the best. I was placed in 2a. after level 1, the classes get split into 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b, and so on. Most of the western students and in 1-3b. But of course, what I learned from at JCCC is going to be very different than what they want to teach here. In my 2a class I can do the writing systems and the vocab was enough but the grammar is a little bit advanced for me. So I visited level one grammar class today to see how it was. They are studying trains and directions. Which at JCCC does not even get covered until the second year of Japanese, I only did one year. So there it seems that there is a lot that 2a expects me to know that I have not done. The grammar quiz in level one today was harder than 2a`s??? So i might drop down so i can perfect my knowledge. Level one is also going through some vocab that I have not learned. The classes here are designed really well and everyone is learning at 3x the speed、from their regular classes at their home institutions. I am talking with one of the teachers about it today so we will see, either way I am learning a ton!

I have also done a bit of traveling. Not to far away from the school but I know the schools area really well now, since I live 20 min away. I have taken the trains systems a couple of times now and am slowly understanding them. Either way i love it here! Every thing is cool and new and interesting. Even the old stuff I see everyday is still cool. I love my toilet. It always keeps the seat warm hahaha. Yes, it has a seat warmer system. I also am enjoying getting to know so many different people from all different sorts of countries. A couple of my better friends are from Britain and Denmark, besides good ole Jacob, and others from the states. Tonight I am going to a Korean friends house who is cooking dinner for some of us! I do have some Japanese friends but usually they are really busy and can only hang out on weekends. I see a lot of them at school though.

Well hope the states are doing ok, I heard about Wall Street crashing or something... but that gas prices are actually going down! Good for you America. I know you can bring those prices down. Or you can just walk. You will lose weight then. America is fat...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

私の一ばん週 My First Week

The first week here in Japan has been amazing. I love my apartment and I love my school. I am pretty sad that I can only stay here for one semester. Pretty much everyone else is here for the year. CIS or Center for International Studies is the schools exchange program. They gave us all Japanese Buddies and help us get settled. The school is big and has lots of stuff to do. I can't wait for school and my classes. I am sure some of them might be hard but it will fun studying with people who all like the same subject and have traveled from all over the world for it. I'll post some pictures of my apartment and friends in our international club soon...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Beginning of My Blog

So today i made my blog for my trip in Japan. Right now I am out of work and out of school relaxing and getting ready for my trip. I am praying for my trip and will spend many hours in the prayer room this month, depending on how much gas will cost. Financially i am pretty set. I received $6,500 in scholarships and have saved a good deal on my own. My wonderful parents are also supporting me too!

So, not to much going on right now. I leave September 7th for Tokyo! This blog will be more active when I am actually in Japan or 日本。 So till then さいおなら!